Health Promotion and Outreach Elbasan, Albania - Cassandra LeBlanc, Helga Kongoli
The Elbasan Health Education and Promotion office focuses on health education and outreach to adults and children in the city of Elbasan as well as the surrounding villages. Friends of Albania funds will support the purchase of a laptop computer for this office to continue outreach to the surrounding villages as well as the city of Elbasan. A community contribution of a projector and travel costs will assist in implementing outreach activities during the fall 2018 and spring 2019 months.

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Yoga Materials for the Rreshen Yoga Club
Rreshen, Albania - Alaina Burck, Liljana Marku & Mileva Picak

The Rreshen Yoga Club, founded in 2017, meets once a week for yoga at the local Gjimnaz. Friends of Albania funds will support the purchase of 15 yoga mats and 15 yoga blocks for the girls to use on a weekly basis. The support for these yoga mats and blocks will allow for the girls to not only to practice yoga safely, but allow for them to learn about self-care for themselves and responsibility for the equipment.

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Materials for Trail Marking
Corovode, Albania - Jennifer Kitts & Krenar Xhaferraj

Working with the youth and Tourism office of Corovode we will use  GPS mapping of trails around Corovode and prominently label and mark trails to promote hiking and exploration of natural areas of Corovode. This grant will pay for the paint, brushes, and 3 trailhead signs in Corovode. This project will help to increase Corovode's ability to attract visitors as well as fostering a sense of pride for the youth of Corovode.

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Starter Kit for Albania’s first Klubi i Grave Shqiptare
Prrenjes, Albania - Desara Malluta & Josephine Pacheco

Klubi i Grave Shqiptare focuses on the needs of women in Prrenjas, Albania and the surrounding villages. Members meet once a weeks to address the local women’s pressing concerns, attend half an hour long classes on a variety of topics and increase community involvement. Friends of Albania funds will support 15 club kits for the women, a variety of learning materials and refreshments.


Jacqueline Labrador, Durres  •  Adam Poeschl, Ksamil


Sho Tsubakiyama, Peshkopi  •  Quinn Hargitai and Jermanne Perry, Berat  •  Paulina Flores, Divjake  •  Teresa Anderson, Fier


Amber Wunderlich, Permet  •  Ansley Hobbs, Puke  •  Ian Fornshell, Kukes  •  James Smyth, Fushe-Arrez  •  Laurel Duncan, Gjirokaster  •  Sho Tsubakiyama, Peshkopi  •  Emilie Weisser, Bilisht  •  Heather Hilt, Corovode  •  Jennifer Clark, Bajram Curri  •  Katherine Avenetti, Vlore  •  Laurel Duncan, Gjirokaster


Daniel Shibley, Burrel  •  Danielle Nesmith, Shkoder • Emily Back,  Lezha  •  Joseph Bonk, Peshkopi  •  Liila Bagby, Permet


Jeff Knoche, Gramsh  •  Zoe Bambery, Rreshen  •  Brandie Lockett, Gjirokaster  •  Dennis Dias, Korca  •  Eric Czuleger, Bajram Curri  •  Casey Loving, Saranda  •  Connor Gary, Gjirokaster  •  Garrett Niemerg, Bajram Curri  •  Kyle Roberts, Fier  •  Melia Dunn and Luis Vivaldi, Elbasan  •  Sara Babb, Kavajë