About Friends of Albania

Friends of Albania provides small project grants for Albanian organizations and individuals which are collaborating with US Peace Corps Volunteers, and facilitates interest in issues relevant to Albania through cultural programs. Friends of Albania is an official member group of the National Peace Corps Association. There are three sectors of Volunteers in Albania: Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Health Education and Community Development. Friends of Albania has awarded grants to all sectors of volunteers throughout Albania over the last 7 years.

What’s important in our projects?

To meet its mission, Friends of Albania financially supports small, community driven projects in Albania, which are identified through its micro-grant application process. The application process and grant structure allows the organization to utilize the vast network of action-oriented community members which it is able to access through its unique relationship with in-country Peace Corps Volunteers. This enables Friends of Albania to provide grants in a simple, quick and accountable way to ensure that necessary funding is provided immediately. These projects cover key issue areas which are essential to a vibrant Albanian society: health, education, and effective governance.

Experience has shown that local communities understand their own needs and aspirations best. Thus, to create a sustainable project with a meaningful outcome, the community must be the primary force behind the project. The support of our members and other donors empowers local community members to take direct responsibility for their situation and improve it.