Friends of Albania is proud to announce that we have awarded 9 grant proposals to-date in 2018 to Peace Corps Volunteers in Albania.


The awarded grants represent all three sectors of Peace Corps in Albania: Community Development (4 projects), Health (3 projects) and T.E.F.L. (2 projects).The grants represent Peace Corps Volunteers and their counterparts in the communities of Peshkopi, Librazhd, Shkozet, Krume, Rreshen, Prrenjes, Shkoder, Corovode and Vau Dejes.

FOA fosters interest in Albania, builds friendship among Americans & Albanians & links current & former Peace Corps Volunteers.

 The Peace Corps and FOA

Friends of Albania is a membership and charitable organization based in the United States with a mission to promote friendship and understanding between Americans and Albanians. 

Projects funded by FOA

In total, FOA has awarded almost $10,000 to current Peace Corps Volunteers in Albania, over 8 grant cycles. Learn more about the communities in Albania where these grants were funded.

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FOA has awarded almost $10,000 to current Peace Corps Volunteers in Albania, over 8 grant cycles

9 youth sports and extracurricular activity programs,

7 youth camps or exchanges,

7 public health campaigns,

6 community beautification projects,

and 3 tourism projects.

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FOA was created in 2009 by Group 10 Peace Corps Volunteers as they left Albania with a collective feeling to continue the Peace Corps experience.  This interest to create FOA was sparked by a desire to remember experiences, speak Albanian and connect with others who are interested in this special part of the world. 

Now, FOA is providing assistance to charitable endeavors, including community self-help, development and educational projects in Albania through small grants to current Peace Corps volunteers working with local organizations.