• Friends of Albania is a non-profit organization run by Peace Corps Volunteers who have served in Albania. We seek to facilitate development in Albania while building a stronger friendship between the people of Albania and the people of the United States of America.

  • Since 2012, Friends of Albania has funded over 30 projects reaching more than 20 towns and villages across Albania.

  • Skuadra Korabi

    With more than $7,000 USD contributed to local projects, Friends of Albania has furthered sectors including youth development, health education, capacity building, and tourism development, to name a few.

  • Your support goes a long way. Donate now to help us continue our mission.

Welcome to Friends of Albania!

Friends of Albania (FOA) is an American non-profit run by Peace Corps Volunteers who have previously served in Albania. FOA seeks to positively impact lives in Albania by supporting local, community-driven projects facilitated by currently serving Peace Corps Volunteers.

Coming Soon: Newly Awarded Grants

We recently closed our latest round of funding and will be announcing newly awarded grants this May! Stay tuned for more information.  

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