• Friends of Albania is a non-profit organization run by Peace Corps Volunteers who have served in Albania. We seek to facilitate development in Albania while building a stronger friendship between the people of Albania and the people of the United States of America.

  • Friends of Albania improves the quality of life in Albania by directly sponsoring development projects created by current Peace Corps Volunteers and their respective communities.

  • Donations to Friends of Albania support local projects implemented by Peace Corps Albania Volunteers and their counterparts.

  • Your support goes a long way. Donate now to help us continue our mission.

Welcome to Friends of Albania!

Friends of Albania (FOA) is an American non-profit run by Peace Corps Volunteers who have previously served in Albania.

FOA seeks to positively impact lives in Albania by supporting local, community-driven projects facilitated by currently serving Peace Corps Volunteers. more...


FOA is happy to announce the results of its recent Board elections:
- Rebecca Mueller will be will be taking over as Grants Coordinator
- Brett Mons will be the Fundraising and Membership Chairperson
- Larry Koziarz will be taking over as FOA Officer in the Secretary position
- Alex Moskaluk was elected to extend her position as FOA Officer in the Vice President position for three more years
All other Board members are listed on our FOA Board page.

FOA Blog

Albanian Elections in 2013

Last May, Albanian voters gave a parliamentary majority to the Socialist Party, one of the two largest Albanian political parties. The election marked the first change of power in the Kuvend (parliament) since 2005 – but more importantly, it yielded clear results which were accepted by all parties. Previous election results have been publicly contested.