For as little as $20 a year, you can become a member of Friends of Albania. Your contribution to the small-project grants provides support for current Peace Corps Albania Volunteers, as well as their community partners.

Membership Level Descriptions

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Tueta - $250 Donation

Tueta of Illyria was the regent for her stepson and ruled over much of Illyria (western Balkan peninsula) from approximately 231 - 227 BC. Teuta is Albania’s most famous female, and she strengthened the Illyrian kingdom during her first year of rule. Unfortunately, this did not last long. The isolationist leader ordered the assassination of a Roman envoy and sparked the Illyrian wars, which soon eroded her influence. Teuta is pictured on the Albanian 100 Lekë coin.

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Kadare - $500 Donation

Albania’s best know literary figure, Ismail Kadare’s, name frequents potential Nobel Prize in Literature lists. His writings have been published in over 40 countries and in over 30 languages. The fiction and poetry writer is a must-read for any Albanian Peace Corps Volunteer, and his books are almost guaranteed to be found on their shelves. Broken April is a particularly popular choice among volunteers as it efficiently summarizes the famous traditional Albanian laws known as the Kanun.

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Belushi - $350 Donation

The Belushi brothers are sons of an Albanian immigrant father and Albanian-American mother.John Belushi (1982)  is known for his raucous and energetic Saturday Night Live and comedic film performances. Jim, the younger brother, is best know for his long-lived American sitcom “According to Jim”. The younger Belushi is also well known in Albania for his comical endorsements for the Eagle Mobile cellular company.

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Skenderbeu - $1000 Donation

Gjergi Kastrioti Skenderbeu was the 15th century leader of a resistance movement against Ottoman rule in Northern Albania. Known globally as “Skanderbeg,” the nobleman’s most significant achievement was his ability to unify various Albanian tribes in order to resist Ottoman advancement well after his death. Skenderbeu’s legacy continues to represent a sense of unity and strength in Albanians today. Skenderbeu is undoubtedly Albania’s most famous national hero and statues commemorating his resistance can be seen in Geneva, Brussels, London, various Balkan cities, and Rochester Hills, Michigan!